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Ask Ukraine

ウクライナへ10の質問 [ウクライナ公式インスタグラムストーリーズより翻訳] 投稿一覧へ戻る

Published 2022年7月10日15:38 by mootaro23


- Your indifference to the act of cruelty can thrive rogue nations like Russia -

Ask Ukraine anything! (from Instagram stories; #AskUkraine)
(ウクライナへ10の質問 [インスタグラムのストーリーより翻訳])

Ask Ukraine post_image_smaller
Are you ok?
Ask Ukraine post_image_smaller
No... There is a war in Ukraine that destroys lives and dreams for already 8 years. People are dying, homes are being damaged. We have not felt safe for a second as there is no place in our country that cannot be bombed. the war endangers not only Ukrainians but also global security and freedom.
I hold on.
Why is Ukraine known as the "bread basket of Europe"?
Ask Ukraine post_image_smaller
Black soils take about 60% of the Ukrainian territory (that is around 25% in the world). Our seaports make it easy to distribute goods to international markets. These reasons make Ukraine a food security guarantor.
Ukraine is a major supplier of key crops in the world: >10% of all wheat, >14% of all corn (32% to EU27), and >47% of all sunflower (62% to EU27).
ウクライナは世界における主要な穀物の生産・供給国です; 小麦の10%以上、トウモロコシの14%以上(その内 32% は EU 向けです)、ヒマワリの47% (その内 62% は EU 向けです)。
Right now, Ukraine fights not only for freedom but for world food security, while Russian troops steal the crops, block Ukrainian ports, and constant shellings set the fields on fire.
Does Ukraine have a national food?
Ask Ukraine post_image_smaller
Yes, it does! Ukrainian cuisine is known for diversity of tastes and cooking technologies, as well as generous ways to serve guests. It is an important part of the country's culture and lifestyle. Yonderbound's global ranking put Ukraine among the 20 best countries in the world for food.
勿論! ウクライナ料理は多様な味付け、調理方法とともにゲストに対する心からのおもてなしで知られています。これらはウクライナの大切な文化であり生活の一部でもあります。Yonderbound の世界ランキングでは、日本や中国、イタリアなどと並んで「食べ物が最高なベスト20ヶ国」に選ばれています。
What is the #1 thing we, as world citizens, can do to support your people and freedom?
Ask Ukraine post_image_smaller
1. Keep spreading the truth! Share information about the Russia's war in Ukraine from verified sources.
1. 真実を広める努力を続けてください。ウクライナに対するロシアの侵略戦争について「出所の確かな」情報を共有してください。
2. Make Ukrainian voice louder! Take part in demonstrations, visit and organize fundraisers or cultural events.
2. ウクライナの声を、存在をより多くの人に届けてください。デモに参加したり、募金活動や文化活動を主催したり支援してください。
3. Donate! Support military & humanitarian needs of Ukraine by sharing money or humanitarian help; #ArmUkraineNOW
3. 寄付をお願いします! ウクライナが必要としている軍事的、人道的な支援をお願いします。
4. Buy something from Ukrainian entrepreneurs or support your local business of Ukrainian origin.
4. ウクライナの企業の製品を購入してください。ウクライナ発祥のビジネスが身近にあれば是非サポートをお願いします。
5. Educate yourself! Read a book by Ukrainian author, watch a Ukrainian movie, and explore facts about our culture & history.
5. ウクライナに関する様々な知識を吸収してください。ウクライナの作家の本を読んだり、ウクライナの映画を観たり、ウクライナの文化や歴史についての「事実」を学んでください。
Were Ukrainians and russians really brothers before this invasion??
Ask Ukraine post_image_smaller
No, we never were.
Even though we are neighbors, we have a very distinctive and unique culture & traditions. The narrative about the brotherhood of nations was created to justify Russian imperialistic ambitions, and it is a part of Russian propaganda today, just as it has been for centuries.
in our editorial, we explain this case using six facts from modern and historical perspectives.
このロシアが唱える「兄弟愛」が全くの嘘であることを、現代的および歴史的な6つの観点から説明している こちらの記事 を是非お読みください。
Why Ukraine has a trident as a national symbol and what does it mean? (It looks awesome)
(ウクライナの国章である三叉戟 [三叉槍] にはどんな意味があるのでしょうか? [イカしてます!])
Ask Ukraine post_image_smaller
The trident connects past and present - from the Kyivan Rus' times, where Ukraine has its roots, to the 21st century. It was used in our good and bad times - that is why it is our symbol.
トライデント (三叉戟/三叉槍) は、ウクライナの起源でもあるキエフ大公国と21世紀の現代を結び付け、長い歴史の中における良い時も悪い時も用いられてきた我々のシンボルです。
The Ukrainian trident has over 40 theories about its actual meaning, and it's hardly possible to find the real roots of the symbol. The theories vary from referring to trinity, bow with arrows, candlestick to pointing out its similarity with anchor and even falcon's wings.
How is wildlife being impacted during war?
Ask Ukraine post_image_smaller
The war not only pollutes our environment but also affects the wildlife directly. Experts say that 44% of the most valuable wildlands have now turned into zones of open warfare. Rendering care to animals and ecosystems remains impossible due to the Russian occupation.
This photo is from the Askania-Nova nature reserve, Kherson region. Now temporarily occupied by Russian invaders.
この写真 (ウクライナの公式インスタグラムでご覧ください) は、現在一時的に侵略国ロシアによって占拠されている へルソン州アスカニア-ノバ自然保護区 のものです。
Read more about the Russian war against nature on our website.
ロシアの侵略行為が及ぼしている自然への脅威について、是非 我々のウェブサイトの記事 をお読みください。
What do you wish the rest of the world knew right now about you?
Ask Ukraine post_image_smaller
If there is a place in the world where freedom lives, it is in Ukraine. We live for it and die for it, defending the biggest value we have as humans.
It's not only our freedom but also yours - freedom to live in peace, freedom to choose whatever you think is good for you, freedom to create, freedom to be who you want to be. This is the freedom we believe in and will fight for. No one can take it from us.
Ukraine is freedom!
How it feels to be loved and admired by whole universe for your Bravery?
Ask Ukraine post_image_smaller
And how does it feel to be loved by the whole nation for staying by our side? People of the world, you are amazing! Ukraine loves you back.
私たちこそお聞きしたい - 私たちの立場を理解してくださることに対してウクライナ全国民があなた方を愛していることに関してどうお感じでしょうか?あなた方こそ称賛に値します。ウクライナもあなた方を愛しています。
No questions here. Just stay strong. Love you, my Ukrainian people.
Ask Ukraine post_image_smaller
This is absolutely amazing to see and feel your love and support! We keep fighting, and we will win because we fight for the world to be free and peaceful. Light always overcomes darkness. Hugging all of you.